Cherokee New Testament Online

This project was initiated by Timothy Legg in 2006 to compare English and Cherokee versions of the New Testament for the purpose of self education of the language and grammer of the Cherokee Language. The New Testament was chosen as it was the largest single book written in Cherokee at the time of this project's beginning.

Ryan Mackey gave me a copy of the New Testament when I was staying in Dawni's trailor in Kenwood, OK. An acquaintance, the late George Pumpkin, suggested that I compare the documents. I thought about ways to compare the verses until one day I left the book in the car and the heat melted the glue; all the pages fell out. The pages were placed on a flatbed scanner and were digitized.

At first the intention was to have a comparison of the English and Cherokee versions. The choice of English text was very limited. The University of Virginia was the only site in which each verse was parsed into one line, regardless of length. This formatting made the encoding of the web page much, much eaiser.